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Welcome to the manga scans section! Please note that these scans are RAW in Japanese; I will not be providing any scanlations on this website as the series is licensed in the US. Please support the mangaka by purchasing the volumes at your local book store.

These scans are from the bunko versions of the tankoubons; that is, there are fewer volumes than the original version (there are more chapters per volume). This is the complete series.

Things to note

There are two options for downloading: Direct download (from my server), and free file hosts. The free host is Mediafire. If it is possible for you to use this fileserver, please use those links instead of the direct server links. All together (single chapters + complete volumes) the files are over 2gb = a lot of bandwidth if everyone only downloaded from the server. Downloading from the free file hosts ensures I can keep the site and downloads online.

On that vein, do NOT hotlink any of the files that are on my server, or share the links elsewhere. You may share the Mediafire links elsewhere (keeps them alive 8D). I'm a dialup user, I cannot keep reuploading things on a regular basis. Share these scans elsewhere to your heart's content, they were found via various p2p programs.

And finally! Full volumes are packed into .rar files, and individual chapters are packed into .zip files. You will need WinRar or a similar program to extract them; or alternately you can download CDisplay to read them straight from the archives (ie, you do not need to unpack them).


Romanised link will take you to Mediafire, kanji link will take you to the server downloads.

Volume 1

Cover goes here!

Stage 001: BREAK THROUGH -kabe wo tsuki yabure-
BREAK THROUGH -壁をつき破れ- (18.82 mb)
Stage 002: Shinya no Tokkun
深夜の特訓 (6.47 mb)
Stage 003: Chiimu Naito
チームナイト (5.24 mb)
Stage 004: Ashita no tame ni
Stage 005: Yume no Omosa
Stage 006: Suruu
Stage 007: Sorezore no Omoi
Stage 008: Oden no aji
Stage 009: Massugu na Kimochi
Stage 010: Unmei no Chuusenkai
Stage 011: Makerarenu wake
Stage 012: Fuiirudo Made no Nagai Michi
Stage 013: On your marks
On your marks


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